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Our history

About Us  :
Our values  :

Constantly in search of delicious flavors, our  products are intended to be made available to you  share moments of conviviality  around a good meal. Promote local know-how  Belgian  is our trademark. We love products that remain eternal, while knowing how to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Original concept  :

The Maison Belge range invents and is inspired to accompany you throughout the day ... from breakfast to dinner, including aperitif. Enough to give you the free choice of the product that you like  ! Belgium is internationally recognized for its chocolate, its fries,… and with us for its… MAYONNAISE!  A real delight, a creamy texture with a very refined taste, a more than tasty recipe concocted just for you, and  which passes through all time, to delight young and old. As soon as you wake up, start the day with  our sweets for breakfast or weekend brunch. Our true tasting jams, our spreads, ... the idea that gluttony and pleasure can be filled in a jar  finds its full meaning here. We accompany you from the first course of your meal: foie gras, terrines, game,  charcuterie,… with sweet and savory notes.  We continue with the unique taste of our mayonnaise,  the authentic,  which goes perfectly with  fries, croquettes, Dauphine potatoes  and your meats  (tartares, grills, BBQ, pierrades).  But it does not stop there. Present our delicious confits with your beautiful platters of  cheese before moving on to dessert with our fruits and compotes.     


Whether it's a daily meal or a festive meal, La Maison Belge is always on your table.

The Belgian House owes its success to the choice of its noble and natural ingredients, of first quality as well as to the experience of our chefs.  Our recipes without preservatives, additives or food coloring are a reflection of Belgian Gastronomy.  The production workshop,  on a human scale, allows you to find the good and true original taste, that of a product made in your own kitchen.

Our packaging  : an original jar ready to present to your guests and which you can reuse. A glass jar and a rubber sterilization ring. Little brother of the one created at the end of the 19th  century  by a German physicist Johann Weck and who, at the time, provided a solution to the problem of sterile preservation. Small jars to be able to vary the tastes, without having to finish the one that is in the refrigerator.

Thin and elegant labels with historical cachet, a coat of arms which constitutes your guarantee mark.

A know-how, a passion, ...
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